About Jerry

Psychology degree holder, former tractor restorer, and pre-law student turned Linux sysadmin, Jerry is the definition of an eclectic.

Having cut his teeth in tech support, then as a network admin, then a sysadmin, Jerry now works at Chef Software as a Customer Success Engineer. He is the one who comes on-site and helps you make the awesome sauce.

When not talking about himself in the third person or writing code/blogs to help the community, Jerry enjoys dark rooms, stereotypical green on black text terminals, and DEF CON Radio on SomaFM. Strong spoken, but soft hearted, Jerry believes face-to-face communication and empathy to be the key factors to "the DevOps" and will not hesitate to give you his unadulterated and honest opinion. Likewise, he is always seeking feedback from others, anywhere, anytime, and anyplace no matter how brutal.

He is primarily focused on achieving the most he can in life, but he will not do so at the expense of others and will not pass up an opportunity to lend a helping hand. If you see him in the wild, do not be afraid to approach him; he is always willing to hear your story and share his.